What are the consequences of prolonged insomnia?
How do most of us feel after a sleepless night? Tired, irritable and, as if,
Invisible killers Scientists have found the cause of cancer. Is it possible to protect yourself from it?
Article for the “bio/mol/text” competition: In search of new ways to fight cancer and improve existing ones
Stress and fatigue - Alco - help
Intoxication other than medication, narcotic and occupationally caused.
What substances can cause poisoning? Milady Intoxication has a huge number of reasons and reasons to poison,
What is ascorbic acid and why does the body need it?
What is the most vitamin C, and how to consume the appropriate foods for better absorption of the element
Vitamin C is an important component of the diet of any person, regardless of gender and age. More
Where is fluoride found and why is it needed in the body?
From this article you will learn: the consequences of fluoride deficiency in the body, why fluoride is important for
Citramon and Citramon P, Ultra, Lect differences
Citramon and Citramon P, Ultra, Lect - how they differ
Headaches and toothaches are the most common ailments. This kind of pain is very difficult to bear,
For patients: Classical preparation with enemas and castor oil
Full text of the article: Colon cleansing with enemas and castor oil is one of the traditional methods of preparing for
Nitrous oxide - oxygen sedation in pediatric dentistry. Technology and application experience
Small concentrations of nitrous oxide cause a feeling of intoxication (hence the name “laughing gas”) and mild
Filariasis (filariasis) in humans
Pathogen and causes of development Filaria is widespread in many tropical and subtropical countries in Africa,
Hypervitaminosis causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention
REASONS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF HYPERVITAMINOSIS The main cause of hypervitaminosis is outdated prejudices, because of which people take vitamins
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