Zonal anatomy of the cervix.
What is the cervix? Norm and pathology. Cervical canal. Cervical erosion
Despite its relatively small size, the cervix is ​​a rather complexly organized organ,
Vitamin B15, or pangamic acid: what is important to know
Pangamic acid (vitamin B15, calcium pangamate) is an ester of dimethylglycine and gluconic acids, the so-called
Childhood infections: whooping cough, scarlet fever, measles, chickenpox, rubella and mumps
Definition of the disease Measles is an acute infectious disease caused by an RNA virus of the Morbillivirus genus.
Flu in pregnant women: interview with a doctor
What are the dangers of colds and flu in pregnant women? Respiratory infections pose two threats. Firstly, they
Uterus in a woman's pelvis
Cervical deformity (postpartum cervical rupture)
Normally, during childbirth, the cervical part of the uterus dilates to 10-12 cm during contractions.
Sleep during pregnancy of a woman: insomnia and drowsiness
The expectant mother knows that after the birth of her baby, it will be more difficult for her to get a good night's sleep. But many
Possibilities of echography in the diagnosis of diffuse fibrocystic mastopathy
Women's breasts are susceptible to particularly dangerous diseases. Therefore, every girl should be clearly aware that regular
Diagnosis and treatment of fallopian tube obstruction
What symptoms may indicate tubal obstruction? Despite the fact that the study of uterine patency
How to treat caries: what do you need to know about the problem and its solution?
From this article you will learn: what deep caries is, its differences from other forms
Visceral fat: how to protect your waist and health
How to remove fat deposits in problem areas, methods of combating fat deposits. Methods in cosmetology
Fat deposits are something that people have to fight with all the time. They worry if
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