Cough due to pneumonia
Signs of pneumonia and the danger of its asymptomatic course
Pneumonia is an infectious disease that develops under the influence of various microorganisms. Cough due to pneumonia
3)!!!18 !!! Gunshot damage.
Injuries to the eyeball: penetrating and non-penetrating
If the cornea or sclera of the eye is damaged, affecting only part of their thickness, speech
Sleep apnea
Choking in your sleep: reasons for lack of air at night, why it’s hard to breathe
I feel suffocated at night: why and what does this mean? Sleep is a state of the human body,
The most effective antipyretics for adults
Antiviral drugs for coronavirus: facts and responsible pharmaceutical advice
Coronavirus continues to set the tone for pharmacy sales. Over-the-counter drugs that stimulate the immune system are in high demand.
Throat cancer in the early stages: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Hypertrophic pharyngitis is one of the varieties of the chronic form of the disease. It usually starts to appear
Children with hearing loss - causes and developmental features
Hearing loss in children can be of any severity. Hearing loss manifests itself in difficult perception
At what stage is influenza most contagious?
How to avoid infecting your loved ones with the flu when you are sick yourself
Influenza is the most unpleasant and dangerous of the existing acute respiratory viral infections. Catch it and get sick, thanks
Buy Bromhexine solution for internal use 4mg/5ml 60ml Berlin-Chemie in pharmacies
Alcohol-containing dosage forms of Bromhexine and endogenous alcohol The drug belongs to the group of secretolytics and stimulants
General cold damage (freezing) - symptoms, treatment and prevention
Freezing is the most severe acute cold injury that occurs during prolonged general exposure to low temperatures,
Inhalations for wet or wet cough: what can be done for children and adults
Inhalations for wet or wet cough: what can be done for children and adults
Medicine develops along with the development of technology. Many doctors are trying to come up with treatment options that will
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