Lymphostasis of the arm after removal of the mammary gland | Tatyana's review of treatment for lymphedema after mastectomy
Lymphedema is the accumulation of excess fluid between tissues. Most often the disease affects the extremities (upper
Hygroma or ganglion: benefits of laser surgery
Anatomy and causes of hygroma formation Contents: Anatomy and causes of hygroma formation Symptoms and manifestations
If the patient cannot move his arm to the side by 60-120°, he most likely has periarthrosis
Humeroscapular periarthrosis: how to treat “frozen shoulder”
Causes of pain: from tumors to injuries As in most other cases of painful
Enlarged lymph nodes
Enlarged lymph nodes. Should you see an oncologist or a therapist?
Every third appeal to an oncologist on social networks or on remote consultation portals is formulated
Basophils: increased and decreased levels, functions
Basophils are most often considered only as defenders against parasitic infections. However, scientists believe that
Dietary recommendations for gout - creating the right diet
What a nutritionist will prescribe for gout: briefly about the types of diets When there is an excess of uric acid, it develops
Types and stages of flat feet
Treatment of flat feet with orthopedic shoes, correctors and inserts
The human foot has a special structure that helps absorb the load during movement. If the feet
migraine examination
Medicines that can cause headaches
Anticonvulsants appeared only 100 years ago. Over the past decades, scientists and manufacturers have been discovering new
Inflammation of the brain - encephalitis
Causes of meningitis Meningitis can be of infectious or non-infectious origin. The infectious form of the disease develops in
What you need to know about biliary dyskinesias?
Biliary dyskinesia Among the many causes of abdominal pain, dyskinesia of the biliary tract
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