Why does a baby spit up like a fountain after formula feeding?
09/23/2019 Reading time: 6 min 3806 0 Main causes of regurgitation in children Pathological
Feeling of a full stomach
Tormented by nausea in the morning? Constantly feel nauseous after eating? Let's figure out the reasons!
Why do you feel sick in the morning? Causes of nausea after eating How to determine the exact cause of nausea? What
Adenomatous and glandular endometrial polyps, symptoms and diagnosis
A polyp is an elevation above the level of the mucous membrane of a hollow organ. This is a benign neoplasm that
opisthorchiasis in fish
How to diagnose and treat opisthorchiasis in adults and children
Opisthorchiasis is one of the most dangerous helminthiases. The causative agent of this helminthic disease is the cat, or
Clear the intestines of fecal stones, mucus, parasites
How to get rid of fecal stones at home Fecal stones (coprolites) are dense
Treatment of fatty liver disease of various etiologies: modern recommendations
What is harmful to the liver? Drinking regularly is harmful - anyone knows this, even those far from
Anatomy of the stomach, structure of the stomach, treatment of the stomach.jpg
STOMACH (Some morphological features)
The cardia, or cardia of the stomach, is a cylindrical segment enclosing the esophagogastric junction and space
Inflamed ulcer and cross-sectional diagram of the gastric mucosa
In the rhythm of seasonal exacerbation. Ulcer of the stomach and duodenum
Gastric ulcer, its types and stages Gastric ulcer (hereinafter referred to as PUD) is a disease
Jaundice disease.jpg
Hepatic coma: causes of development, pathogenesis, classification, clinical picture, diagnosis, treatment.
What is hepatic coma? Hepatic coma is a serious condition of the body that developed in
I'm always hungry
Doctors explained why there is a constant desire to eat something
To get rid of excess weight and not gain weight, you need to control the volume of portions, and also
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