Kidney stones on CT scan
Modern approach to the treatment of urate nephrolithiasis
Urate stones Violation of purine metabolism, for example in gout, provokes the appearance of urate stones in the kidneys.
Dry skin of the hands and feet, peeling and rough skin of the feet, as consequences of COVID-19.
How do the consequences of COVID-19 manifest themselves on the skin? Today, there is no such person who does not
Schizophrenia cannot be cured
Treatment of schizophrenia: can it be cured forever?
Mental ill-being, endogenous disease of the schizophrenia spectrum, severe chronic illness leading to mental impairment,
unpleasant smell of urine
The smell of illness. What does the body smell like with this or that pathology?
According to scientists, people choose their soulmate based on body odor. It is believed that
pimples on lips photo of girl
White pimples on the lips are a possible sign of Fordyce granules
Fordyce granules Fordyce granules are hyperplastic sebaceous glands that tend to form on
Iron deficiency anemia: the view of a hematologist and gynecologist. We optimize diagnostics and treatment tactics
Introduction Anemia is a global problem: approximately 25–30% of people suffer from this disease, while
Detection of a tumor of the anterior abdominal wall (observation from the practice of a radiology doctor)
Incidence of soft tissue sarcomas Risk factors for soft tissue sarcomas Diagnosis of soft tissue sarcomas
Little man's health. Phimosis in boys: normal or pathological?
Physiological phimosis in children and its manifestations In order to understand what physiological is
37666007 - Diet for thrush
How to get rid of candidiasis without medications in 3 steps
Candidiasis - damage to the mucous membranes and skin caused by yeast-like fungi such as Candida, occurs in
Figure 1 – Cytological brushes (on the left – combined, on the right – 2 cytological brushes)
Cytological tests: methodology and interpretation of research results
Cytological examination (cytology) is the main method of screening for assessing the condition of the cervical epithelium. The main task
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